Dental Implant Software

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The various tools in ImPlan are designed to be easy to use without compromising functionality. The extensive help section in the software gives a full overview with step-by-step diagrams explaining usage.

Line and Angle Measurements

Measure the Distance between any two points on the 2D images, or measure the Angle.

Circle and Square Density

Measure the Density of the bone or soft tissue in an area enclosed by either a Square or Circle.

Pan and Zoom

Move the images and/or Magnify an area of interest.

Create/Edit Panoramic Curve

Create a new Panoramic Curve along the curvature of the teeth or edit the shape of an existing one by dragging the control points.

Draw Nerves

Trace the Alveolar Nerve in the panoramic view; it will show up in a highlighted color in all the 2D and 3D views.

Create CDs

Burn project files on to CD for easy distribution to clients and colleagues. The Auto-Install CD will always include the setup program for ImPlan in case the client does not have the software installed on their machine.

Grayscale Tool

Adjust Image Contrast and Grayscale settings using Hounsfield values.

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